What year did you start playing in the game?
Who was your favorite player and why?
Dary Sr. For a decade now, we’ve been on opposite teams 99% of the time and are always tasked with guarding each other. Since Dary found the fountain of youth and has somehow become 10 times stronger and faster than he was when I started, and has added all sorts of variations to his skillset, it’s always a fun challenge to figure out how to defend him and chase him around the court each week.
What is your favorite memory of “The Game”?
Last August or September when I came back from an ankle injury and Dary came back the same week from his neck injury. I remember sitting there all summer just watchin the game and really wanting to be back out there with my brothers so to be able to just get out there and compete again made me never take for granted the ability and opportunity to play.

I also love every time a game gets heated and goes in to overtime and everyone’s hyper competitive mindset kicks in…. and then as soon as the game is over, we’re all friends again. I think that’s what love and brotherhood is about.

Did you get the gumbo initiation at Half Shells?
Describe your initiation
J Fields invited me to the game and spent the whole week doing prep work by telling about Dary Stone (he didn’t paint the picture of the nice Dary, the Dary you don’t want to mess with). So when the gumbo came i remember thinking, “man this is hot.” I’ll never forget the stern look on Dary’s face as he looked at me and answered with his famous, “eat three bites in a row and it’ll cool off” (which now that I think about it, makes no logical sense lol) and then he convinced me that it was the crawfish that was spicy and not the gumbo, so i took my three bites….and felt a goatee of fire surround my mouth.

He asked me if i had any vaseline because i’d need it when it came out the other side later, but that’s another story.

What is your favorite gumbo initiation story?
I have two. First my Brother, Britton. We got him and his fiancé was sitting there eating hers like it was no big deal so he kept eating his. I remember he ran to the bathroom and 15 minutes later i went to ask if he was ok and he meekly responded “no.” He said he painted the bathroom walls. He was so dazed and confused that when he went outside to get fresh air i tried to explain to him what happened and he still didn’t get it.

Brent was also funny. I’ll never forget that his shirt was drenched in sweat and he had sweat beads dripping from his hair and we asked if he was ok and he said, “yea, i always sweat when I eat.”

If the community of the game affected you, please share your story.
Absolutely. As an entrepreneur, my week is hectic and unpredictable and a large part of what I do is based on my name or status. The reason I love the game is that it’s the complete opposite. It’s the one thing that I can count on in my life that’s consistent and for those few hours every Saturday, nothin else matters. No one cares about jobs, titles, or anything else, it’s just a bunch of guys who love and support each other getting a chance to fellowship, compete, and just stay young at heart through the game. Everyone in life has a crew they identify with as family, the game is that for me. Even when i go to Baylor games, if i see old teammates I’m thinking “hey what’s up team mate” but when I see someone from the game, I think “what’s up family.”